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Avalon for L’Accessories

The April Round of L’Accessories is now open. From Zibska you will find the Avalon Necklace & Earrings set. Avalon is available in both “full vs” which is colour change featuring 20 colours for main and accents via HUD, copy/mod, resize and script delete as well as single colour versions which are copy/mod (silver, coal, fawn and berry).


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The Secret Affair ~ Game of Thrones Gatcha

The Secret Affair’s Game of Thrones Gatcha is well underway and continues till the 30 April.

From Zibska you will find two new releases, the Loviisa necklaces & circlet set and the Vyvian necklace.

The Loviisa gatcha offers 9 regular items including long necklace, short necklace and circlet in either snoke, fawn or rose. The rare item includes all three pieces in texture change form which is colour change via touch menu and features 18 colours, re-size & shine control.

Also new for the event is the unisex Vyvian feathers necklace. Vyvian featues 17 colours for main and accent feathers.

The Secret Affair

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Veton & Troubdour

New! We have two new releases today, the Veton Jumpsuit and the Troubadour headpiece.

The Veton jumpsuit includes optional chest ruffles and the Tabia colour change cuffs [10 colours via HUD] and is available in three colours ~ red, prato and lagoon.

The Troubadour headpiece features 15 colours, texture change via hud, re-size & script delete and is copy/mod.



Cassia, Aviva & Rexa

We have a some ~ New ~ for you in the main shop this week! Celebrating the vibrant tones of spring blooms we have the Aviva dress ensemble. Aviva is available in berry, lagoon and acido, includes optional ruffle skirt and texture change hat [15 colours].

Cassia dress and headpiece, while not so bold, has a deeper meaning all its own, entirely subject to interpretation, of course. Available in Berry and B&W, Cassia includes bodice ruffles and texture change headpiece [10 colours] with HUD.

Last but not least we have the Rexa alligator leggings. Though I am not a particularly a fan of releasing separates, I have a few releases in mind for the coming months to both cross seasons and stylings to work with existing and future Zibska releases. Rexa is complimentary for our update group members and can be picked up in the group section behind the landing point.

Available now at both the main shop and marketplace.



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