Roots and Couture with a Touch of Punk Nouveau

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Project Fur Japan

We’ve placed out our vendors for the Project FUR Japan fundraiser. The location should be open to the public towards the end of the week ~ HERE. 100% of the proceeds to benefit Japan earthquake animal rescue and support. From Zibska you can find the following;
Zephyerine Boots
The Zephyerine Grungy Suede Boots are texture change via menu or HUD, featuring 9 solid and 9 striped colours for boot, 9 solid colours for straps and 4 metal options for buckles.

Isadora in Olive
Isadora in Olive includes ruffled top, sleeves, leggings, shorts and ruffled sash, also included is the Zeta texture change bead necklace and earrings.

Akua Long Necklace Set

The Akua long necklace, earrings and bangles set features 10 colours for metals and 8 for gemstones.

Wanny Boots The Wanny Ankle Boots feature 18 shades of scuffed stingray skin for main, contrast and trim and 7 colours for laces.

We also have out the Myrna Ya Dirty Princess dress and a couple designs from the ZIBWARE line.