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Crazy Hair Hunt #3 ~ Ready, Set, GO!!

crazy hair hunt 3

The 3rd annual Crazy Hair Hunt has begun! With over 60 participating designers, you will find hair from the divine to the sublime. Simply stunning, and highly inspiring. I am delighted to have been invited to participate. This is one hunt that you do not want to miss! The hunt starts March 31th and runs thru April 30th so you have lots of time to make your way thru. Also the hunt is circular, so you may start at any of the shops and still complete it. Below are the latest slurls and hints.

1 The U-neek Where the leaves should be!

2 =^.^= Curious Kitties New things are very nice.

3 Vanity Hair N/A

4 Tekeli-li! Seek the arrow and ye shall find!

5 —-+Bizarre Hair +—– Play with me!

6 Bare Rose Closer than you think!

7 ZsaZsa’s House of Beauty The starter kit is the best place to start looking.

8 Vita’s Boudoir Hair Hair everywhere!

9 Concrete Flowers n/a

10 [M&K] If it’s too dark in here you might need this

11 ChiChickie! Need a hint? Ringht the bell for customer service

12 Grim. Bros ~ Behind the rules sigh, hunter, lies a treasure. So seek that my dear, and you’ll find pleasure!

13 The Stringer Mausoleum I wave in the sea, but no water is to be see, so I stand still.

14 Nushru Time to Dress up!

15 Discord Designs 1. Quick! Follow that Ninja! 2. I wish to register a complaint.

16 .:EMO-tions:. Am I new?

17 Bliensen + MaiTai
Eagle of flowers! I see thee stand,
And on the sun’s noon-glory gaze:
With eye like his thy lids expand,
And fringe their disk with golden rays;
Though fix’d on earth, in darkness rooted there,
Light is thine element, thy dwelling air,
Thy prospect heaven.

18 .{Rue}.
Round and Round the hunt you go
wheRe you’ll end up, you’Re not suRe you’ll know
but in my safe haRboR you’Re welcome to stay
just look up, and left, and have a gReat day!

19 [hate this] if you’re hurt, look in this corner to heal you.

20 Evie’s Closet Not far away…..

21 Barlow Fashion Main Store So tired of hunting? Make yourself comfortable, let rest your ass and contemplate the greatness of the universe..

22 Ein peixe 1. Waterside 2. Cane

23 Gumi’s Flower Shop Turn to the left

24 A&A Hair I feel MANIA!

25 Skinthesis n/a

26 VAUGHAN’S :: house of curiosities Mrs. Berty Udderbottom, the cow, says “MOO!”

27 [IrEn] Mainstore On the table

28 La Boheme & Nevermore Oscar Wild said, “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars…

29 Hairoin If you feel the urge to go for a swim, find a mermaid for a companion

30 NebuchadNezzar n/a

31 ** Malizz Yiyuan creation ** Make beautiful in the mirror towards the hair on the 1t floor!

32 C&D Designs “Turn down the lights and let’s get busy!

33 ~{frou-frou}~ ceiling art is the new thing

34 ((RIPE)) Can you see the Lily Pad?

35 !SyDS! Relax, i am comfy!

36 Sentou Yousei (battle fairy) oh, I have a Rock stuck on my shoe..

37 W.Winx naughty naughty, forever alone in the corner

38 Yasyn’s Odds and Ends “It feels like Christmas Time with these lights, no? XD”

39 Iron Tiger Jewelry
Raptors gave no meat passes,
no matter how swift the feet flew.
Plant eaters munched on sweet grasses,
like tasty proto bamboo:)

40 .::CENSORED::. n/a

41 CIC-Calico Ingmann Creations Its about time.

42 Battle Angel n/a

43 {Bingo} On the head!


45 +tribe+ n/a

46 IM CaPPed Go home

47 Morgane Batista Poses Where the top models are, you will find.

48 ~HeLtEr SkElTeR a good start in the day with a breakfast!

49 The Strand They aren’t socks.

50 Nightshade Designs n/a

51 ENTROPY DESIGNS Warning Blowdryer should not be submerged underwater! May cause DEATH by electrocution

52 L+N Signature Designs “Time is precious”

53 Le Cactus I like bananas…because they have no bones

54 Alpha Point n/a

55 Zibska Bird is the Word.

56 MSM DESIGN Please don’t snoop in my desk

57 Weather! or not? Putting the weather back in Weather! or not?

58 ~Facepalm Designs~ Gotta try that SHROOM dude

59 Rosy mood just take the first step

60 Raven’s Heart Why is the willow always weeping?

61 ^.^Ayashi^.^ n/a

62 Amulet Sit in front of the fireplace and toast marshes but keep them out of your hair!

63 ˜*By Snow*~ “Look for the cat, he knows where it’s at!”

64 —> T&S GLaMouR DeSiGnS <— n/a

65 *Orange Creations* n/a

66 (red)Mint n/a

67 Gilded Mainstore n/a

Happy Hunting!


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Ninon Deux Necklace & Earring Set

The Ninon Deux texture change long necklace and earring set is now available. Synched texture change via touch menu or HUD. Ninon Deux features 12 gem colours and 10 metals colours for settings and chains.

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Zelia & Zelia Noir Eyeshadows

We have a new eyeshadow in two variations in the shop, Zelia and Zelia Noir. Zelia combines the season’s bold and bright colours in combinations to give your look that added pow. Zelia Noir offers a vibrant splash of colour above dark smoky eyes, a bit more on the dark and mysterious side of things.

Both eyeshadows have free wearable demos available so you can test them out on your favourite skins.

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Checkmate & Vibe

We have two new items in the emerging cosmetics department at Zibska. First we have the Vibe shadows which come in 14 colours in two transparencies.

And for something a bit, well, a lot, different, we have Checkmate. The Checkmate pack includes 10 colours in a single transparency.

All of our eyeshadows and makeups have free wearable demos so you can try them on your favourite skins.