Roots and Couture with a Touch of Punk Nouveau

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40L Closeout Sale

40L Closeout Sale at ZIBWARE now thru May 31st.

Bikinis, skirt outfits, trousers, shorts, camis. More to be added as I make room for ‘new’.



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Chiasa & Onek Deux Jewelry Sets

We have two new jewelry sets for you.

First up we have the long Chiasa necklace & earring set. Chiasa features 11 colours for the main and accent control sets.

And the Onek Deux set features 12 metal colours for bars and settings.

Both jewelry sets include all pieces in both full bright and regular versions, necklaces are included with both spine and chest attachment point options. Synched texture change/re-size/shine control via touch menu or HUD.

Available now, at Zibska.

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The Fashion Cache Round 2

The Fashion Cache Round 2 has begun! There you will find items from several designers including FZaPP, blah.Blah.blah, Zibska, H.M.A.E.M.,PNP, Step Inside and many more. All items are 100L or less!

Zibska’s item at the Fashion Cache is the Peaches Panda texture change necklace.

Peaches texture change panda necklace features 8 panda colours, 6 colours for bow and 8 metal colours for chain. Texture change via touch menu, Copy/Mod.

Available now, at the Fashion Cache.

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60L Weekends May 12 – 13 & Gift

Our 60L Weekend specials are ~ At Zibska [above] the Aloisa necklace in gala colours.

And at ZIBWARE we have the Voom mini dress with sheer inset and snakeskin trim. The Voom dress is available in orange, lemon, lime, purple, berry and black.

While you are there, be sure to pick up your free copy of the Kaya sequin top and ruffle trim skirt, available on the central stairs of either shop 🙂

All items available thru Monday.

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60L Weekend Specials & Gift

Our 60L Weekend specials (will be out thru Monday) are:
At Zibska we have the Mina necklace and earrings in meadow and berry.

And next door at the ZIBWARE bikini shop we have the Rhyann Deux monokini in lilac.

And while you are there, be sure to pick up your copy of the Steppe eyes, free gift available thru Monday, you can find them upstairs next to the cosmetics displays.