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New Makeup & Promo

We have three new makeup sets in at Zibska.

First we have the big, bold, nothing subtle about this one Dahlinka Eyeshadows.
Dahlinka includes 9 colours in two transparencies. Free wearable demo in Berry available.

Next we have the Raine mask with 11 colours in two transparencies. Demo in Berry available.

And we have the Bahati Paints which include 10 colours in 3 variations [full, eyes only, center only]. The Bahati Paints set is available at special promo price at the main shop as well as the marketplace.

Now available at Zibska.


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60L Weekends & Gift

Our 60L Weekends Specials ~

At Zibska we have the Zaza earrings in black, and at ZIBWARE we have the Rhyann swimsuit in blue.

Also, at either location, on the central staircase you will find a free gift, thru the weekend.

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ColorBlocking Fair

The Colorblocking Fair starts today and runs thru 16 June.

Among other things from Zibska you will find ~

The sparkly Radelle tube tops. 5 base colours are available. Each colour offers 8 trim options via texture change menu. [5 sizes included in pack].

Also we have the sparkly Abbi harem pants, one great pair of pants [pack includes 5 sizes] in 8 colours. Texture change via menu.

Sizing demos are available for all mesh items, demos are not colour change.

Colorblocking Fair Taxi