Roots and Couture with a Touch of Punk Nouveau

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Moriko Hat & Collar and a [gift]

New for you we have the Moriko Texture Change Hat & Collar. Synched texture change via touch menu, Moriko features 16 colours, re-size and shine control. Set is copy/mod.

Born from procrastination (dreading the inventory clean up), Zed was born. Everybody needs a texture change unibrow, right? You can pick up your free copy in-world. You will find it in the new items display near the landing point and Moriko posters.




50% Off Intro Promo on New Cosmetics

We have new eyeshadow sets out this weekend, four in fact, as well as a texture change brow and orbit set, all of which are available now thru Monday 28 Jan at our 50% Off Intro Promo [sale is in-world only].

The Valle Brows & Orbit are synched texture change via touch menu and feature 12 colours and are copy/mod.

Our new eyeshadows range from a subtle touch of colour to the bold drama which we love. The Vreni Eyeshadow pack includes 15 colours.

Our winged Tabea pack includes 14 intense colours paired with coal.

Svenja is our thick cat eye, very much the statement eyes with 15 colours in the set.

And last but certainly not least, for those wanting subtlety, we have the Ursel Eyeshadow pack which also includes 15 colours.

Zibska in-world.

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Those Lips! Those Eyes!

Anya Lips: I made these specifically to use as neutralisers when taking photos. I find many of the pale skins I have hoarded in the closet have lips that are a bit too saturated for a specific photo effect. Includes 9 colours.

The Louche Eyeshadow pack includes 13 colours and packs a whole lot of drama (the good kind, of course 😉

Belle Lips: pack include 9 colours. Belle offers a touch more sheen and colour than the Anya lips.

Free wearable demos of the Anya and Belle lips as well as Louche are available at the Zibska main shop.