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Zelle Hat & Prints, Withdrawn

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In light of of a recent cunteriffic blog post by one of the coordinators of the Hats in Art – Art in Hats exhibition, I have withdrawn my hat design and images from the event.

You can pick up a free copy of both hat and prints at the landing point at Zibska, available till the end of the month.

Hat: Zelle, shown blank [hat is copy mod], actual hat is coal/black.


Author: zibska

Content creator for Second Life.

One thought on “Zelle Hat & Prints, Withdrawn

  1. On her way to get that Fabulous Hat, a true work of ART, some people wouldnt recognise ART if it hit them in the face, she probably wears twin set and brogues in RL.
    Walk on by Head held High ZIBSKA,
    You are well known and Loved in SL for your unique and wonderful creations.
    Have a Great day and dont let one pleb get you down ❤

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