Roots and Couture with a Touch of Punk Nouveau


Cassia, Aviva & Rexa

We have a some ~ New ~ for you in the main shop this week! Celebrating the vibrant tones of spring blooms we have the Aviva dress ensemble. Aviva is available in berry, lagoon and acido, includes optional ruffle skirt and texture change hat [15 colours].

Cassia dress and headpiece, while not so bold, has a deeper meaning all its own, entirely subject to interpretation, of course. Available in Berry and B&W, Cassia includes bodice ruffles and texture change headpiece [10 colours] with HUD.

Last but not least we have the Rexa alligator leggings. Though I am not a particularly a fan of releasing separates, I have a few releases in mind for the coming months to both cross seasons and stylings to work with existing and future Zibska releases. Rexa is complimentary for our update group members and can be picked up in the group section behind the landing point.

Available now at both the main shop and marketplace.




SAVIAD Spring Fair 15 – 31 March

We are thrilled to announce that FIERA Spring Fashion Fair (15 – 31 March 2014) organized by SAVIAD is now Open! Featuring Exclusive Spring Themed New Releases from the BEST DESIGNERS on the Grid.

We are starting off the season in a more casual/resort bent. I am not a big fan of resort but did enjoy the challenge of toning it down a bit while firing it up with vibrant colours and textures. Frankly not enough eye threatening spikes and orbs in general, but do think that fantastic accessories can take an outfit from, ‘pretty/cute’ to ‘chic/glam/eccentric’ in a double click. Attitude helps too, of course ; )

Our couture packs include the full colour change accessories where shown, in addition, the accessories are available separately. For actual display posters, please see our flickr photostream.

The fair is spread over 3 sims.

TP Board and where you enter the giveaway contest to win a big
pack of all the sponsor’s event exclusives

Greenhouse Garden Sim:
Sponsored by: Sys, Sonatta Morales, Zibska, Gabriel

White Garden Sim:
Sponsored by: Gizza, HMEAM, LPD, Lybra

Obscure Garden Sim
Sponsored by: Dead Dollz, Elysium, Azul, Pure Poison


Skin Fair 2014


While the 2014 Skin Fair officially opens tomorrow, early access is now open to all members of the Skin Addiction and PaleGirl Productions Info groups in-world!

This year cosmetics creators have been invited to participate, so participate I did. I think I misunderstood the requirements a touch and instead of having 20 new releases i.e. a couple of new makeups in a bunch of individual colours, I created 20 new makeup packs. I’m not really an over achiever sort but hey, we have quite a variety to choose from now 🙂

Getting around. The sim setup is super, optimised for speedy loading with all efforts to keep the lag beasties from rearing their ugly heads. Strict script limits are being enforced. Below we have the sim maps and landing point slurls.


SIM 1: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Saint%20Martin/127/128/28


SIM 2: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Webhost/128/126/28


SIM 3: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Georgetown%20West%20Colorado/128/128/28