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A precautionary tale of SL Extortion


It is my opinion that actions from a “blogger” and aspiring “designer” like this is Second Life are not acceptable and amount to extortion.

You give me all your stuff for free or I will talk shit about you.

On September 9th I made a flickr post looking for photographers. www.flickr.com/photos/zibska/15001402197/ On the 13th I updated the Photographers wanted post with “Thank you for your replies, I will be contacting those of you who have been accepted in the next day or two. <3"

I got an overwhelming reply to the open application and diligently went thru each and every stream and blog giving consideration to present quality of work and/or future potential of all those who applied then got in touch with those who were accepted.

Paradox had blogged for me previously, I often give people who are just starting out a little help in pursuing their SL fashion dream, why not, I have a big closet. Unfortunately I expect actual progression in photo quality and an actual effort to be made. At the end of April, 2013, After several ignored review packs, or posts made after a given event had finished altogether, and way too many excuses, I dropped him from my photographers group.

September 9th I posted the Editorial Photographers who blog flickr post and on September 13th I closed applications and updated the post regarding contacting those accepted.

[11:23] Paradox Messmer: (Saved Wed Sep 17 05:24:24 2014)hello, remember how you told me you'd consider me for when your applications are open again for blogging? Well, I saw the form and I sent an application I was just wondering if you got it?
[11:23] Paradox Messmer: (Saved Wed Sep 17 05:43:47 2014)Btw, I adore your latest from Secret Affair! Amazing shirt and tentacles I'd wear that all the time
[11:34] Zib Scaggs: Hello Dox, yes I got your application. Your photos and styling were not what I was looking for and I will not be adding you to my photographers group. Thank you for applying though and wish you the best of success in your future SL endeavours. ~ Zib
[11:34] User not online – message will be stored and delivered later.

[06:43] Paradox Messmer: (Saved Sat Sep 20 02:45:16 2014)is there any way I can get some review copies for PENUMBRA AW/fW ? I'm a blogger for this event. I know this is women's items, but the headpieces and hairs and other bits can be used by me in my styling. I want to do just one more post for PENUMBRA FW and I'd really love to feature you.
[06:43] Paradox Messmer: (Saved Sat Sep 20 02:50:46 2014)I'd like ot also note that I am a PENUMBRA model and am walking in 8 shows for this event and DJing for 3 of them.
[06:45] Zib Scaggs: No.
[06:45] User not online – message will be stored and delivered later.

[05:27] Paradox Messmer: (Saved Sun Sep 21 04:08:46 2014)I think I'll tell everyone just what a mean person who's totally full of themselves you are
[05:27] Paradox Messmer: (Saved Sun Sep 21 04:09:24 2014)You used to be decent, going to the Rubb and hanging out inthe alternative scenes, now you're just a diva with the biggest ego and worst attitude toward their customers I've ever seen
[05:27] Paradox Messmer: (Saved Sun Sep 21 04:09:57 2014)Don't expect me to give you free advertising anymore

I feel it is important to any and all designers and event coordinators and/or those who set up/manage event blogger groups to be aware of his threats, these mannerisms are quite unacceptable.

~ Zib


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The Secret Affair mmmMMMmmmelancholy


The September round at the Secret affair is a fusion of melancholia and crows. Melancholic crows. Come to think of it, there might be some not so enthused ravens about as well.

We have four new releases for the event. A unisex gatcha headpiece, necklace and couture for both him & her.


The Ailbhe headpiece is available in 6 ‘normals’ single colour sets of headpiece & orbit as well as the rare version which is colour change via HUD and features 10 colours for skull and 10 colour sets for roses/petals.


The Aisling necklace was created to coordinate with the Ailbhe headpiece. Aisling offers 5 colours for chain and 10 colour sets for the roses/petals, re-size & script delete and is copy/mod.



And then we have Greetje, for him and her.


Women’s version includes dress in 5 sizes, neck ruffles, shoulder tentacles and overlords.


His version includes shirt in 5 sizes, tentacles and overlords. Because, guys need a mess of overlords too, indeedy.


Open now till the 29 September.


The Secret Affair.

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Jewelry Fair 13 – 28 Sept


The Jewelry Fair, presented by Palegirl Productions is now open!


From Zibska you will find 6 new releases. All accessories sets include colour change hud, re-size & script delete and are copy/mod. Both the Dido Necklace & Headpiece [top right] and Eirik [top center] are set to promo prices for the duration of the event.


More info can be found at Palegirl Productions.
And here is a handy dandy event map.

Jewelry Fair 2014


~ Uber ~ Apocalypse


If you haven’t been by yet, now’s the perfect time to hit up the ~ Uber ~ Apocalypse round. Just about everything you need to go down in flames or erm survive in style can be found at this round!


From Zibska you will find a trio of makeup packs, reflections on what the transformation of the once casual girl.


Panic includes eyeshadow in 11 colours along with smudged lipstick and long tintable lower lashes. Run (event promo) includes hastily applied hope it works as camouflage makeup in 10 colours, and Endgame which includes 12 colours and black matte striped lips.



~ Uber ~ Apocalypse

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The Instruments


The September round at the Instruments is Fall themed. My headpiece made perfect sense in my head. Birds, migrating, wind, flow, just squint, it might work.


We have two new releases for the round, the Poole headpiece, colour change via HUD features 15 colours for main and accent bits (the birds are black only, because). And below, the Cailin eyeshadow pack which includes 12 colours.


The Instruments.