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~ Uber ~ Apocalypse



If you haven’t been by yet, now’s the perfect time to hit up the ~ Uber ~ Apocalypse round. Just about everything you need to go down in flames or erm survive in style can be found at this round!


From Zibska you will find a trio of makeup packs, reflections on what the transformation of the once casual girl.


Panic includes eyeshadow in 11 colours along with smudged lipstick and long tintable lower lashes. Run (event promo) includes hastily applied hope it works as camouflage makeup in 10 colours, and Endgame which includes 12 colours and black matte striped lips.



~ Uber ~ Apocalypse


Author: zibska

Content creator for Second Life.

2 thoughts on “~ Uber ~ Apocalypse

  1. these are absolutely cool as chit. I’ve never been to Uber (makes note to shop there today) Thanks Zib! Excellent as always!

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