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The Secret Affair mmmMMMmmmelancholy

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The September round at the Secret affair is a fusion of melancholia and crows. Melancholic crows. Come to think of it, there might be some not so enthused ravens about as well.

We have four new releases for the event. A unisex gatcha headpiece, necklace and couture for both him & her.


The Ailbhe headpiece is available in 6 ‘normals’ single colour sets of headpiece & orbit as well as the rare version which is colour change via HUD and features 10 colours for skull and 10 colour sets for roses/petals.


The Aisling necklace was created to coordinate with the Ailbhe headpiece. Aisling offers 5 colours for chain and 10 colour sets for the roses/petals, re-size & script delete and is copy/mod.



And then we have Greetje, for him and her.


Women’s version includes dress in 5 sizes, neck ruffles, shoulder tentacles and overlords.


His version includes shirt in 5 sizes, tentacles and overlords. Because, guys need a mess of overlords too, indeedy.


Open now till the 29 September.


The Secret Affair.


Author: zibska

Content creator for Second Life.

One thought on “The Secret Affair mmmMMMmmmelancholy

  1. lol well geesh! I just went shopping at 2014 Jewelry Fair to grab and go, now I have to go someplace else!! 😀 The problem is going to be to decide which I want the mostest because I love these ALL! ❤ Excellent work Zib! Always so excellent!

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