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The Secret Affair ~ Valhalla or Bust!

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The Path to Valhalla round at The Secret Affair is open. There you will find a huge selection of gorgeous goods to appease your inner valkirye. There’s guy stuff too 🙂

From Zibska we have three new releases.


The Cirino necklace and circlet offers 20 colours for main and accent bits.


Our Asvaldr shoulder piece of dragon tails and roses features 30 colours via HUD.


And last but not least we have our Yngvildr ensemble.


Yngvildr includes corset and skirt in 5 sizes. 26 colours for corset main, lower cups, studs, upper cups also have 26 colours as well as a clear option.


All releases are available at event promo rates for the duration of the round.


The Secret Affair.


Author: zibska

Content creator for Second Life.

One thought on “The Secret Affair ~ Valhalla or Bust!

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