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Afanen & Afanen Uomo


We have two new releases for you at the Zibska main shop. The Afanen & Afanen Uomo ensembles.


Afanen includes romper in 9 sizes [5 standard sizes + Flow, Slink, Maitreya and TMP fit options] and shoulder pieces. Afanen offers 14 colours for romper suit top and bottoms, shoulder main and accent feathers.


And for the guys, or those who prefer blazers to rompers 🙂


Afanen Uomo includes blazer in 5 standard sizes and shoulder pieces. Afanen Uomo features 14 colours for blazer main and lapels, shoulder main and accent feathers.

Zibska in-world.


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Scarlet, Desiree & Imke Updates


We are in the midst of updating some Zibska faves, and here are three of the latest updates 🙂


Scarlet Deux features 12 colours for gown and shoulder pieces.


Formerly released as a single colour for the Inspiration event, the Imke full version now features 10 colours for headpiece, shoulders, corset, corset accent, bottoms and skirt. Those of you who already had the single colour version were sent the update in-world. If you have not gotten it, please do IM me for a re-delivery.



And last but not least we have the Desiree dress. Desiree Deux features 10 colours for dress base, circlet & skirt main and accents.


Zibska in-world.

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PENUMBRA Autumn/Winter Fashion Week 2015 till 24 Oct.


PENUMBRA’s Autumn/Winter Fashion Week is open! There you will find “over 50 designers from across the grid, showcasing more than 280 outfits in 16 spectacularly produced shows, this fashion week is poised to be the foremost and unparalleled fashion event of the year!” The calendar of events is available here on the Penumbra-eclipse website.


We have three new releases for the event. Above is the Ailse gown which includes headpiece in bustle in monochromatic stripes.


The full colour change version of our Penelope dress is now available. Penelope offers 10 colours for dress base, main and accent bits.



And last but not least, for those wanting something a touch more casual but can still poke out an eye we have the Senka ensemble which includes top with upper and lower chest/back pieces for styling ease and baggy shorts. Senka features 9 colours for top, bows, spikes and shorts via HUD.


Zibska at PENUMBRA AWFW 2015


Laia Collar


We have released the Laia Collar in Noir after somebody was nice enough to point out that I’d shot it a few months back but they couldn’t find it in the shop. Yes, I admit, I do make things for photos then forget about them sometimes. Anyways, here you go! Boney fingers! Includes upper and lower sections for styling ease, black only, copy/mod.


Zibska in-world.

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Visitante for The Liaison Collaborative


It is Fright Night at The Liaison Collaborative! To celebrate the occasion we have two new releases for you, just in time for all your spooktacular needs =)


The Visitante accessories set includes crown and collar with 8 colour options.


The eyes and makeup pack includes eye makeup in red and black [unisex TMP installer/Lelutka applier/tattoo], Lips in red & black in two version, one for Lelutka heads (shown aboave on the left) and one for TMP heads (right), tattoo layers include both versions, both colours. Eyes with HUD offer two black and red versions.

Available now till the 30 Oct at The Liaison Collaborative.