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Dylan for the Mix Event December

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The December round of the Mix Event has begun. The goal of the Mix Event is to bring people back to the main shops, avoiding the frustration of not being able to get in to an event because it is overflowing and of course bring you great deals. The event is HUD driven, click a button and off you go to the next shop, items on offer are easy to find, displayed on Mix Event carts (usually near the landing points :). You can get the hud via the Mix Event Group in-world or the Marketplace.

Designers are given the option of offering either a new release or special edition release which will not be available after the event or a super discount of either 50% or 75%. For this round we have opted for the latter.


This month we have the Dylan gown ensemble which includes gown in 5 sizes, headpiece, bodice ruffles, necklace and earrings. Dylan is available thru the month of December at a 75% discount at the Zibska main shop.
Zibska in-world.


Author: zibska

Content creator for Second Life.

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