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Christmas on 34th Street 2015

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The Christmas on 34th Street fair, presented by Pale Girl Productions, the lovely people who bring us the Skin Fair each year, is now open! “Christmas on 34th Street is a holiday event focused on gift giving. All merchandise offered at the event will be transferable (excluding the 10L gift). The atmosphere reflects a sleepy small town set in a black and white movie.”


For the occasion we have three new releases, one of which is our 10L gift under the gift trees and 30 100L gift ideas for friends and loved ones (and you know, yourself =)


Our two new releases include the Masumi necklace & earring set shown above and Onorine, shown below.


Most all of other items we have in our 34th Street location are special edition colours/textures/not found on the full version HUDs and will not be available after the event. You can see larger versions of the jewellery keys here and here on flickr.



And don’t forget to check under the trees for the 10L gifts!

Event Map

Seraphim Coverage (my favourite way to preview any event!)

Christmas on 34th Street.


Author: zibska

Content creator for Second Life.

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