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The Nightmare Event 01 – 31 Oct

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The Nightmare Event is now open! The Nightmare Event is a yearly event for the month of October where creators get together to bring you the scariest Halloween walk through possible! The walk through is completed with obstacles, characters, and a hunt for prizes!


This year’s theme is phobias. Some fear the dark, others clowns, deep water, holes, the list goes on. I went with Arithmophobia.


While I will not go on to wax poetic about numbers and science here, I will say it is – never – too late to learn. For those in the mood to delve into a course Khan Academy, – MIT OCW – and for those who dig recreational maths – NumberphileVi Hart. Of course there are a LOT of classes available online for all, those are just a couple personal faves =)

And all participating designers have out a gift! At the Zibska display you can pick up a free copy of our Creep makeup for the duration of the event.


The Nightmare Event 01 – 31 Oct.


Author: zibska

Content creator for Second Life.

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