Roots and Couture with a Touch of Punk Nouveau

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With the full face makeup options the bento heads give us I thought it was high time to bring back some previously released favourites that were originally tattoo layer only. Now till 01 April all six re-releases are available at our Promo rate of 100L per pack both in-world and on the marketplace.


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Shiny Shabby & Ostara’s Altar

Two more events are open for you! We have new cosmetics and accessories out, just in time for spring.

At Shiny Shabby March ~ open now till 15 April we have the Batiste eye makeup pack which includes 12 colours with Lelutka and Omega appliers.

Lips too! The Vadoma lips pack includes 16 colours with Omega, Catwa and Lelutka appliers.

Zibska at Shiny Shabby.

And a wee bit late but Happy Spring! At Ostara’s Altar we have out the Idunnr floral accessories set.

The Idunnr set includes headpiece, headpiece orbit, left and right shoulders with shoulder orbit, lower and lower orbit for styling ease. Idunnr includes 24 colour set options via HUD for main and accents and is resize thru script or via the edit menu for fine tuning.

All Zibska Ostara’s Altar releases (lots of flowers) are set at 50% off for the duration of the event.

Ostara’s Altar now till 16 April.

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Ultra March

The March round at U L T R A runs thru the 15 April and there you will find a new eye makeup and lip colour.

The Maired eye makeup includes 12 colours in 12 colours with unisex TMP installer, Omega & Lelutka appliers and system tattoo layers.

The Loreto lips pack includes also includes 12 colours to coordinate with the Maired eye makeup with unisex TMP installer, Catwa, Omega & Lelutka appliers and system tattoo layers.

U L T R A Event till 15 April.

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Powder Pack March [CATWA]

The March CATWA edition of Powder Pack is out and have four new releases inside for you! Also, March kicks off the first round of the Lelutka Powder Pack, more info below on that. The Adalina eyemakeup and Belinde lips shown above on the CATWA Kimberly head.

All makeup packs for the Powder Pack CATWA edition include Catwa and Omega appliers. A preview of pack contents can be found here ~ Powder Pack for CATWA March.

And you can still pick up a copy via the Marketplace.

I’ve also included a quick walk thru for using the dual layers available on the Catwa Bento heads as well as the rerouting feature on the Lelutka Bento heads to achieve the duo tone / overlay lip effects.

Below, the Iren eye makeup and Belinde & Belinde Splice lips on the Lelutka Chloe head using the included Omega appliers.

For those of you who can’t just live with one head or perhaps prefer Lelutka altogether, rejoice! There is a super lineup for the Lelutka Powder Pack for March and reservations are now open.

You can reserve via the Marketplace ~ Powder Pack March Lelutka Ed.
and In-world here.

More info about Powder Pack can be found here ~ PowderPackSL

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Spoonful of Sugar Festival Fundraiser

The Spoonful of Sugar Festival fundraiser benefitting the Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders organisation is now open.

Info about the event ~ http://www.thesosfestival.com/
Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders Info ~ http://www.msf.org/

We have several new releases for the event all of which are set to automatically donate 100% of proceeds directly to the fundraising efforts.

Now till 01 April ~ Spoonful of Sugar Festival.

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Skin Fair 2017

The 2017 Skin Fair is well underway but by no means is it over yet! Now is a great time to visit since the initial flood of visitors has quelled so it is possible to tp in 🙂

Our Galie eye makeup and Saria lips is shown above with the new Lelutka Cate bento head available at Skin Fair 2017.

For the event we have 6 new makeup releases, 3 for eyes, 3 lips.

Eye makeup packs include unisex TMP installers, Lelutka & Omega appliers and system tattoo layers.

Eye makeup packs include unisex TMP installers, Catwa, Lelutka & Omega appliers and system tattoo layers.

Sim maps can be found here on the Pale Girl Productions website.

And a comprehensive shopping preview can be found here on SeraphimSL.

Above, the CATWA Lona Head new for the Skin Fair with our Dhelia eye makeup and Everild lips.

Skin Fair 2017 till 26 March.

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The Liaison Collaborative March

The March round at The Liaison Collaborative is open! ANNNND it is their 4th Bday and there are gifts to be had!

The Springaling set includes headpiece, collar and orbits with 18 colours for section one/two/three.

We also have out the Renee eyeshadow gift pack, free thru the 30th of March. Renee includes 12 colours with Omega & Lelutka appliers and system tattoo layers.

Shown below, Tableau Vivant’s Side Blow hair from The Arcade and the Wonder tattoo from White Widow, also available at the current The Liaison Collaborative round.

Now till 30 March ~ The Liaison Collaborative